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TYPO Berlin conference opens tomorrow

Typo Berlin - Play

Now, this is a conference I wish I could attend this year (actually I received an invitation but couldn’t oblige). The TYPO conference in Berlin in one of Europe biggest design conferences. This year the keynote will be delivered by media activist Kalle Lasn, founder of AdBusters (the self-proclaimed anti-advertisng magazine) and CEO of the BlackSpot Anticorporation.
An guess what? The king of graphical deconstruction of the 1990′s David Carson is coming too.

This year’s TYPO is being held under the them ‘Play’:

We will discuss the impact of elements of gaming on electronic communication. Play has long been considered a useless pastime. Emotion, associative thinking, intuition and subjective experience have not mattered much in the world of labour. The all-too human has been eliminated.

However, the computer and the internet have removed the split between work and play. Suddenly and once again, people must be capable of anticipating trends and grasping intuitive user guidance. Typo 2006 will focus on the combination of technology and emotion.

The TYPO has a video podcast this year (but it seems it will be mostly in German). What exactly will be on the podcast is unclear. One thing for sure, they will not podcast the whole event. That would destroy their business mode of charging 250-600 Euros per attendee. But I will keep my eye on the feed.

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Events portal coming to Dubai

London Launch pic

World Launch Group has announced a partnership with Events-360 in Dubai to unveil an events portal, in 2007.

World Launch are the creators of which is an interactive marketing solution for venues and event industry suppliers.

Apperantly, the event industry in Dubai is now big and varied enough for a similar idea.

Here’s the LondonLaunch website, to give you an idea what could look like.

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Now you see it, now you don’t

Shadow Billboard

Here’s something impressive from ‘down-under’.

It’s a billboard made of 12148 aluminium pegs, varying in length from 1 mm to 27 mm.

When the weather is cloudy, and the billboard isn’t directly hit by sunlight, you just see a white background with the a small advertising message for sun lotion at the bottom.

When the sun comes out, the pegs create a shadow image that is a greyscale of a woman sunbathing.


The advertising agency is Clemenger BBDO in New Zealand.

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