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Does Zidane drink? Kronenbourg think so.

August 23rd, 2006 mediaME Editor

Zidane Kronenbourg

To begin with, I typically never blog about alcohol advertising.

Our blog is, after all, called Ad Blog Arabia

However, I will make one or two exceptions a year, and this is one of them.

Just look at this Kronenbourg Beer advertisement. If you were living on the face of this earth on 9 July, then you will have witnessed the now famous ‘Zidane Heabutt on Materazzi’ in the World Cup 2006 Final.

Well, Kronenbourg show you what Zidane did in the dressing room afterwards to cool-down.

Next question: Does Zidane drink? Should Kronenbourg have sought his permission for this ad?

Via Advertising/Design Goodness.

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Entry Filed under: Controversy,Events,International

  • cr7

    Look at his head look at his hairy hand this is not zidane.

  • Seyfullah

    That is not zidane it can not be his hair was shaved in the finals but this isn’t.\

    in this picture he is not wearing a wedding ring.

    it’s not him

    don’t believe it .it is aFAKE!

  • http://khaled nael

    zidane is the best in the world he is better than all the world players

  • Mike Aneke

    Ha ha ha…That’s definitely NOT Zidane but was quite clever. I will give you one clue: Zidane’s bald patch on his crown area is natural and anyone could see that the hair follicles are dead but in this advert, the area that’s bald was actually shaven. Furthermore, who would bring bottles of beer in a dressing room preparatory to a match, let alone, a World Cup final?

    Nice try Kronenbourg but that’s not Zizou.

  • Paulo

    Its clearly not him….look at his eye brows….different shape

  • vakas

    The prophet Muhammed stated that the main cause for a muslim to loose his faith is if he drinks alcohol. So if the best footballer off all time does drink then we can not say that he is not a muslim, what we can say is he is not a very good muslim.

    I have heard and read many times that zizou is mulim. As far as i know he was born into a muslim family however i have not once untill today heard him come out and accept that fact and promote his belif in Allah and his final messenger Muhammad PBUH in the open. I dont think he is a practising muslim i.e. prays namaz, fasts, goes to them mosque. Do we even know if his wife is muslim? If not then his marrage does not count and in islam that comes under adultry, which has sevre consequences.

    Also when this picture is “suposeadly” taken is after his sending off after the world cup final. Him to have a beer in the changing room is absolutly obsured. I play amature football and i get paid for playing and there is no way in hell can you get alcohol into the changing room. And here this blog has been created about a player with a beer after a world cup final.

    Whether he is a good muslim or not is up to Allah to decide as we can not judge him. We muslims should be proud to have someone from our religion who is loved by billions who follow this beautiful game depite the fact that we have some so called muslims like Bin Laden and co. who give this great religion a bad reputation. He is a role model for the muslim people regarless off his action. All we can do is pray to Allah, the almighty, is too guide him and everyother muslim on the right path. Ameen!

  • Youness

    zidane is a true believer and he would never do this, he would never disapoint islam or his fans!! and someone who says that he drinks does not know anything!

  • norhan

    I stand up for zidane ,I believe that he is a propper muslim and that he would never drink alcohol. AND IF HE DRANK ALCOHOL HE WOULDN’T BE ABLE TO PLAY WELL IN THE MACH.I’m sure that this is a bit OBVIOUSE. And that he plays outstandigly well , and does not look drunk to me.

  • shirien


  • nasra

    well i dnt tink dis id zidane. after all sme1 out there might look lyk him maybe they wanna make ppl tink his not muslim? he dont drink and thats tru even reed his wikipedia HE IS A TRUE MUSLIM BELIEVER PPLZ!

  • nasra


  • nasra

    if u look at da pic, he aint drinking da beer his putting it on his head if he just headbutted sme1, he would use smeting cold to put on his head maybe he only found beer doesnt meen dat he drank it ppl u need 2 wake up y do uz believe all dis shit anyway zidane is a muslim all da way braaaaaaaap

  • nasra

    p.s lol! france didnt wer that on the day of the finals and the hair makes it soooooooooooooo bait ppl need to start tlking propa dizzz dayz wag 1 and duck out

  • Bobby

    You people are so retarded man who the hell are you to judge who is Muslim and who is not GOD is one! Quron may not be 100% true in the modern days its impossible to never drink, or eat pork even by accident. As long as you believe in god, and commit no murder/suicide or wish bad upon others or do evil things you are a Muslim, and a good person. Zidane is Muslim if he was born Muslim, and if he except to be Muslim you are no GOD to say Zidane is not Muslim, or not a good person.

  • Ofogh

    زر نزن، این که زیدان نیست، لطفا حرف مفت نزن
    To English:Shut up, He isn’t zidane. Don’t lie about him(Please!)

  • cool

    zizou dont drink,,im sure i know him, he is kabyl like me, he is originaly from algeria…………………….we are proud to be muslim and kabyl , algerian a arabic…………all

  • http://itslier naem

    thes beccher is maked in the fotoshop
    and its alier

  • phew

    I noticed there are a lot of morons who think Zidane is an arab, he is a not he’s a Kabyle (aboriginal north african) and we all know Kabyles never consider themselves to be muslims like the rest, just look at his children’s names none are muslim names.

  • http://itu..... shafeekh kadavathur

    y do u lying mr.?
    its not zidane,but u………….

  • One UP & One Down

    OMG how it is possibly one arabian web page posted one false picture. What have in earth? ALLAH ALLAH.

  • Ahmed

    The observer, you see that muslims do sin, the prophet (s.a.w) said to the nearest meaning that muslims would sin but a muslim doing such a bad act i.e. alcohol (which by the way is the most cursed thing in the prophet muhammed s.a.w eyes) cannot be said to be a true believer of islam but im not saying that Im a proper straight walking mulim, I have sinned but a sin that bad, you cannot call that perosn a true beliver.


  • Sarah A

    that’s obviously not him.

  • Proud Canadian.

    Two things: Zidane is not an Arab. In fact the vast majority of North Africans are not Arabs. They have a lot more in common genetically with Spaniards and Portuguese than they do with Arab people.

    Secondly: many proud Muslims drink. Nothing wrong with that. We have no need for religious fanaticism in this world. The Christian religion has evolved and they do not take themselves so seriously. It’s time Muslims get out of the middle-ages and live it up.

  • Gaudi

    Hello everyone – I have to comment since my husband did just now. I am from Salamanca originally. Zidane ate in my sister’s restaurant in 2002 and drank wine and had a dish that has pork in it (chorizo). I remember this since I was in the restaurant and asked my sister what he had.

    It was not a big deal, in fact many Muslims from Morocco work in Salamanca and eventually eat chorizo as well. They learn that the world still turns after eating pork and you might as well have some red wine while you’re sinning anyhow.

    Just my two cents. Zidane was a big tipper and a fabulous family man. He treated his wife so beautifully and was soo nice to the kids outside who pestered him for pictures and autographs.


  • rörinspektion

    thank you it’s well done :)

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