Every year, smoking kills more people than 911

September 18th, 2007 mediaME Editor

911 Smoking

Creative Director: Prashant Sankhe
Copy: Sudeep John Koshy
Art Director: Prashant Yeware

Via [ mediaME ]

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  • http://www.ragejoadv.com restless

    Simply irrelevant !!

  • razor

    What on earth do you mean it’s irrelevant????

    It’s totally irrelevant.

    The idea is great.

    What lets it down is the art direction.

    I would’ve liked to have seen the two cigarettes much bigger on their own with the headline small down the bottom next to the endorser.

    The fact that it comes from the Khaleej Times is weird. It makes me think it’s a scam ad and you needed some form of credible endorsement.

    Some Anti-Cancer or anti-smoking group would’ve been more relevant.

    Maybe that’s what Restless meant.

    In which case simply stating it’s irrelevant and not stating why doesn’t help at all.

    By the way which agency did this and where?

  • razor

    In fact the headline mentioned above the ad is far more powerful:

    “Every year smoking kills 5 million more people than 911″

    Keep it simple.

  • http://thejfactor.jeeran.com Ahmed Qandil

    this is really a beautiful ad. i like it although i am a smoker :-)

  • http://advertisingbabble.blogspot.com Kaz

    It’s not in HOW MANY people died but it’s in HOW they died.
    People who die from smoking die at their own will. They know smoking may and can eventually kill them yet they continue smoking.

    I agree with restless. This is totally irrelevant.

  • razor

    All this ad is trying to do is create awareness of the fact that as many as 5 million people die a year due to smoking.
    I was shocked when I read this fact.
    But it took a dramatic idea like one of the most powerful visual s of death in history to land this fact.
    It’s irrelevant how they died. They died.And that’s the point.

  • http://www.ragejoadv.com restless

    KAZ you are Absolutely right ,

    RAZOR, so you are saying that i can connect what is happing in Palestine or in Iraq with smoking right ? man are you serious?

    what you are saying is extra super far-fetched.

  • Razor

    No No No.

    You’ve yet again missed the point..

    You’re not particularly bright are you Restless.

    The Ad is purely making a point about death.

    It has nothing to do with HOW they die.

    They die.

    In this case the point is they die by cigarette causes.

    So DEATH is the opperative word here.

    It just so happens that the creatives here have found a great device of death with a twist to cigarettes.

    No one over anylizes how they die in an ad like this…… all they remember is the startling fact.

    5.2 million die a year due to smoking.

    I got it very quickly.


    Isn’t that the objective of the ad??????

  • Jon

    “So your the bastard that’s been planning 9/11 times a thousand!”

  • http://www.ragejoadv.com restless

    Razor you sound like peter!!
    anyway what you are saying is so lame and nothing but plying with words because death is every where and has a different faces one of them is smoking so what happened in 9/11 is different face of death that’s why it has nothing to do with smoking no matter how you try justify it, this is what i call poor concept specially when it comes to a very interesting subject like smoking where the ad should hit deeply ,, so cut it man :)

  • razor

    “So your the bastard that’s been planning 9/11 times a thousand!”


  • http://thejfactor.jeeran.com Ahmed Qandil

    i do not know the idea is great, the implementation is great as well.

    but the thing is, i was there with 9/11 occurred.yet, i am here still smoking. it did not affect me at all. so i think they should have used another way to present the goal of this ad. maybe car accidents or fires. something like that!

    Maybe they should have chosen to compare this with iraqi or Palestinian people who died during the war. that is moe effective especially for Arab the region. but it needs balls of steel to do an ad like this.

  • http://www.ragejoadv.com restless

    You make no sense with what you are saying! beside you are the only bastard here.

  • http://thejfactor.jeeran.com Ahmed Qandil


  • http://thejfactor.jeeran.com Ahmed Qandil

    Thank you Restless, i appreciate your childish reaction!

  • http://4pointsize.blogspot.com santhu

    ctrl C
    ctrl V
    orginal from here http://adsoftheworld.com/media/print/vesta_chimney
    ctrl V

    pls. don’t do it agin. anyone can copy paste,

  • http://www.ragejoadv.com restless

    Ahmed Qandil ,
    i was addressing RAZOR not you ! ” You make no sense with what you are saying! beside you are the only bastard here.”


  • http://thejfactor.jeeran.com Ahmed Qandil

    ohhhh, i am the one who is sorry. please part me! i am really really sorry for being rude with you man.

  • razor


    You make some good points about relevance but I have to say if you’re looking for a high impact visual of death it’s hard to go past 911

  • AERO

    Agree, the imagery is irrelevant and insensitive.
    And also, ARE WE DONE YET with all the anti-smoking campaigns??? Looks like every ad agency wants to have a try at one. ENOUGH!!!

  • http://thejfactor.jeeran.com Ahmed Qandil

    what i think is the it is important for the ad to match the culture. all the arab world hates that day 9/11 not because many people were killed, but coz it brought disasters to arab world. politically, culturally, and economically. so it is not good to associate any ad campaign with something that audience do not like.

  • Razor

    It;s hard to do edgy stuff here in the ME

  • http://www.ragejoadv.com restless

    this ad is not edgy !!

  • http://www.paragonmc.com Louai Alasfahani

    2. razor | September 18th, 2007 at 12:26 pm
    By the way which agency did this and where?

    Razor, according to my KGB reports this ad was created by Precept Gulf in Dubai.

    My X-Files indicate that the creative director (Mr. Prashant) had previously worked for RSVP Saatchi in Dubai (City Tower 2 shaikh Zaid road, 20th floor) and before then in Kuwait at Alpha Boushahri (Salmiya, Salem Al Mubarak street, first floor)

  • razor

    Mmmmm…City tower2

    Now I know where he got the idea from

    Thanx for the KGB info comrade

  • http://www.ragejoadv.com restless

    Cool KGB powers man :)

  • ob1=w@n

    They’ve should’ve compared the death rate to AIDS’ (Which I think is still below 5.4 million a year) And a nice visual would be an HIV-infected man standing in line in a local clinic. There’s a sign in the clinic: HIV treatment vaccine. The punchline: he’s smoking while standing in line.

  • Hans Anderson Abu Dhabi


  • kre8tive

    i like it very much.good concept behind.

  • http://thejfactor.jeeran.com Ahmed Qandil

    yes, sure lots of debate :-)

  • kre8tive

    Hey you, KRE8TIVE impostor.. stop using my name, kre8tive never give lame comments like yours.. so If I were you, I’d rather make my own name and stop pretending you freak! I AM THE REAL KRE8TIVE! This ad is a copy.. from the late 90′s.

  • ob1=w@n

    2 kre8tives in here? who’s the real one?

  • http://www.paragonmc.com Louai Alasfahani

    :) oopppssss it seems kre8tive and KRE8TIVE are having an identity crisis. whos who?

  • kre8tive

    Seems like it now, Louai. :-) Funny how insecurity and jealousy drives insane and uneducated morons to do such unethical thing. Well, it’s fine, that’s because I am a bit famous now and people wanted to get rid of me.. I would still be here, giving comments and you all gonna find out who’s the real kre8tive in here, as for the d*ckbrain who’s trying to piss me off, YOU CAN MAKE IT, COZ YOU DON”T SOUND LIKE ME. and never will.. have you thought about that before doing such stupid thing? Huh, stupid?

  • ob1=w@n

    well it seems that we have a serial impostor here and kre8tive’s not the only victim because i’m damn sure comment # 32 DIDN’T COME FROM ME

  • kre8tive

    Damn right Obi.. someone’s playing around here.. I never make comments like #29 and on the other posts as well.

  • kre8tive

    you know Obi.im starting to hate this…everyone wants to be kr8tive…look i’ll change my name soon.and i’ll tell you what it will be.ok dude.see ya
    and this ad sucks ;)

  • kre8tive

    comment #37 ain’t me.

  • kre8tive

    Obi, I’m going to call this incident… ATTACK OF THE CLONES.. or CLOWNS..lol.. as for you my serial poser, put sense in your comments and maybe we can live with that.. If you can.

  • kre8tive

    comment #39 ain’t me.

  • REJ

    Perhaps the copywriter was smoking something else when he wrote that line. Shoudln’t it read, “more than” instead of “a”? Makes no sense.

  • kre8tive

    Zeid, please do something with this impostor.. take the necessary actions please.. I just can’t let this moron destroy what we have been started. Thanks:-)

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  • http://sam4grafix.deviantart.com/gallery/?order=9 sameer ketkar

    student work!

  • http://www.minxor.blogspot.com Minx0r

    I think its pretty stupid how a reference is made to the twin towers, also known as the event that changed the world forever and happened to kill up to 4000 people.

    Poor and tacky! Human cruelty to itself has nothing to do with smokers. As pointed before this ad doesn’t stir anything in me other than the fact someone somewhere thought ‘Hey! smoke, 9/11, two cigs… what a coincidence!’

    Again, poor and tacky lads.

  • Johit



  • http://www.paragonmc.com Louai Alasfahani

    My KGB report confirms the claims of Johit about copycats


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