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Jazeera Airways: Fresh Fares

December 4th, 2007 mediaME Editor

Jazeera Airways

Client: Jazeera Airways, Kuwait
Agency: Publicis Graphics, Jordan

Via [ mediaME ]

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Entry Filed under: Agencies,Creative,Jordan,Kuwait

  • biteme

    You’re miss quoting me, I said it’s one of the biggest budgets, and its not a phantom client…unlike you I wont change what I say five or six times on the same blog and only ask that you share your magical EPICA belittling credentials. Listen I heard your creative director needs you to go do a final artwork for a business card, so go do some work….

  • Creative Rules

    Just jumped on the Blog and caught up with all the latest posts. Great weather here in Australia, beaches are brilliant loaded with lots of topless babes and the beer is bitterly cold.

    I see our friend Biteme is still as bitter and twisted as ever and is still the only poster here that can’t get through a post without abusing everyone and making immature comments.

    I also loved reading his short list of underacievements in post 96 above. What the hell is a Nestle worldwide award? And a Diego group world wide award? Bloody hell. Never ever heard of them. Next we’ll be hearing about his Alaskan Eskimo award. By the way his Pikasso D”Or award was simply a bronze. We won the silver and Gold.

    Just ignore him Fred everyone else does.

    See you on Thursday…can’t wait.

  • biteme

    By the way it was a silver pikasso d’or for Abdali, and the gold that year went to Umniah…whoopsi again creative rules!

    THe only two people who jump on blogs to attack are both you and your twin Fred. A Nestle World Wide Above & Beyond Award is given to one of the Nestle Agencies around the world every year, if you ever had a chance to work on the brand you’d know how important it is. (that’s why people do creative work that meet’s clients expectations too)…Diego group is the group that owns JWalker and a whole bunch of fast food restaurants globally (small players too) in comparison to your huge global successes.

    Peter, sutho, JT7, Fred, get back to Jordan quickly cant wait to see more of your amazing creativity polluting our media.

  • Fred

    Silver eh?

    Still coming second.I see.

  • biteme

    wasn’t to Y&R though…:)

  • Creative Rules

    No that dubious honour went to them the following year in 2006 where they also won the Gold as well.

  • biteme

    No that year Umniah won the gold with its launch campaign, designed by ADPRO…I think u are confusing things sorry!

  • biteme
  • Fred

    I said 2006 not 2005.

    Again you don’t read oe comprehend things clearly.

    How do you cope from day to day?

  • biteme

    How can you so openly lie…Where did you ever say 2006…I think you just proved that you are also creative rules you idiot…Look at how stupid you look on this blog, seriously stop trying to make excuses and give up because all you’re doing is sinking deeper and deeper into your own lies…

  • Fred

    Biteme says:

    Where did you ever say 2006…???

    Look at 106 and open your eyes.


    No that dubious honour went to them the following year in 2006 where they also won the Gold as well.

    You really are a complete and utter moron.

  • Fred

    By the way of course we’re the same person.

    We’re just playfng with your simple mind

    That was obvious 100 posts ago.

    The fact that it’s taken this long for you to figure that out just confirms the level of your intelligence.

    Now go back and read post 106.

  • biteme

    You idiot you have an alter ego! FRED ADMITS HE IS PETER! You defended Peter to the world as a different person and now you finally admit it when you get caught in your own lies. I guess with old age comes seynile actions…so go back to your business card.

    And to answer your question, since obviously (this example and JT7 example) you dont proofread, you were mocking my awards and I never said what year we won an award you just jumped at 2006 and claimed I won the bronze when in 2006 I didnt enter the awards, because we didnt work with Pikasso that year…SORRY RETARD.

  • Fred

    You are so confused in your own illogocal world that you don’t make sense any more,

    The above debate was very very simple. (Even you could get your head around it)

    You state in post 110 that I never said 2006.

    I did in post 106.


    Honestly I’m tired of correcting you all the time.

  • biteme

    I’m not confused at all…sorry!

    (1) You have been claiming for weeks now that you are Fred in Thailand and that Peter is your friend. (I think you had childhood problems by the way, with imaginery friends).

    (2) In blog 106 your nickname is creative rules not Fred. Yet you say they won that dubious honor in 2006. If you are creative rules why is it they not we.

    (3) THen the climax of stupidity comes in blog 109 under the nickname Fred you say that you said 2006 not 2005. WHen you never said that creative rules said that.

    (4) Finally in blog 112 you come out and admit that you are one and the same. THat you have been patting yourself on the back under different user names, because no one is willing to praise your work.

    (5) Get out of your identity crisis and stop switching subjects so as to confuse followers on the blog. CONCLUSION: You are one person with multi-personalities and everytime you are figured out you jump and create a fictious character to defend you. Other times when you want to come out as the humble creative director you come out as PETER SUTHERLAND.

    So the only one with issues here is you. It’s hilarious!

    If you are still confused after a step by step explanation I can sketch it out for you if you want…thank god I never have to give you a written brief!

  • Fred

    I see you can actually count

  • biteme

    another example of you avoiding the subject… Tell me something when you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror does it take you a few minutes to figure out which of your personalities you want to take on for the day?

    And about counting, yes I can, and I can write all the Arabic numbers from one to ten properly…I can even write them upside down…you would’ve loved that ability prior to coming up with your JT7 concept wouldnt you?

  • Fred


  • biteme

    love the way you defend yourself when your integrity is being questioned. Tell me somehting do you present your creative rationales using the same scheme of defense? As I am sure it would make many a client YAWN!


    Double yawn

  • Fred

    Bigger Yawn.

  • biteme

    Don’t get too tired wouldnt want you to miss your flight back to Amman. Really anxious to see your creative work again

  • Creative Rules

    To the creative guys at Publicis,

    Can you share with us all the other ads you’ve done for Jazeera? (post them to Zeid and he may show us) Or maybe even discribe them.

    Maybe the whole campaign is built around a fat cow and this one just so happens to be giving birth to his udder.

    Rami did you do this?

  • Creative Rules


    I’m Glad we’ve settled our stupid and ridiculous dispute in private and feel embarrassed that we’ve bored all our patient and good friends posting on this blog. (Allbeit being somewhat entertaining at times)

    I am serious about whether the Jazeera campaign is centered around this cow however.

    And a big hello to my old mate Rami. You guys are lucky to have him and I miss him alot.


  • amre husseini

    Creative Rules…Thanks for your post and communication I sincerely appreciated it and am glad its over too! :)

    have passed on your regards to Rami and thanks on his behalf he is an asset…much appreciated Peter!

  • amre husseini

    Hey Zeid…how come posts are now “moderated” when its supposed to be open for all comments?

  • Louai Alasfahani

    Not funny…Not good…try again

  • megatron

    i’m looking to travel
    i liked the ad
    it got my attention

    ain’t that what its supposed to do?

  • HM Stieber

    This got my attention, but I am not sure that is always good. Reading that someone found a finger in their food at an eating place gets my attention, but not in a good way.

    While this isn’t quite as horrible, it is on the verge. The graphics are a bit tawdry – not in their visual, execution – I like the colors and the clean lines, but the bursting cow really lacks conceptual appeal. It doesn’t say fresh to me at all – perhaps an oversuppply, but not fresh, not professional.

    I guess I (like Creative Rules) would like to know if it is part of some campaign. It may help me get my head around it a bit more, if I am in fact missing something.

    Zeid – thanks for moderating. I would hope people could do that for themselves, but…

    Maybe you need to have a sissy fighting section, away from the comments that are supposed to be about the work – where people can pull hair, scratch, and bite – continue to fight like girls!!

  • rossa

    the Ad is nice but the message is so far , it’s confusing

  • Safarjal

    you guys are so funny

  • Hamza

    am sorry to say really its not good
    and i don’t blame the creative

  • Drapery Rods

     The result marks the carrier’s fourth consecutive quarterly profit and represents a dramatic overall improvement in its outlook since the introduction of its Turn-Around Plan (TAP) by CEO Stefan Pichler in May-2010.

  • rörinspektion

    Great article. It’s always nice when you can not only be informed, but also entertained!

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