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Koba long lasting batteries

March 30th, 2009 mediaME Editor

Click Images To Enlarge

Advertising Agency: FP7, Oman
Creative Director: Noufal Ali
Copywriter: Arun, Noufal Ali
Illustrator: Sannop, Renjith Pillai
Photographer: Jacob.k, Sandra M. Matheson
Client Servicing: Ajay Menon, Manish Rodrigues

Via [Ads of the World]

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Entry Filed under: Agencies,Creative,Oman

  • Anti-Visual Pollution

    FP7 You have to be shame of your selves….
    Do you think that the world is stupid? Is your strategy as a group to copycat the World again? or is it just in the this region only… !!!!

    IF I’M IN THE MOTHER COMPANY i’ll make sure to take the name from you people.

    Done by Ogilvy Mexico, Dec 2006.

  • manoj

    Nicely executed job.the batteries got lot of features, long lasting,Maintanance free, water Resistant .etc…..But here idea is expressed in a simple manner,it cleraly shows that these batteries are long lasting,i have seen the ad which Ogilvy Mexico done, guys that ad says DEEP INSIDE, can some one can explain what it mean? that was talking about either water resistant or maintanance free…enough of enough stop blaming FP7.

    2nd one… i saw the link some one had send here. An Advertising student done it long back. not even released any where,even though ideas are totaly diffrent from here.dead body in the forest, still tourch lights are on…..ha haha haha haha hahah ha ha guys what a shame on it. duracell tourch batteries r got 12 hours life. ha ha haha ha hah . i think FP7 oman guys had done a good job. stop blaming pls getting to the reality

  • amre husseini – AKA BITEME

    I think this and the original are poor…

  • eh

    you think this and the original are poor ya zalameh malak ???????? when u changed ur last battery for ur Q7???

  • CD

    Yes this is brilliant campaign from FP7. why these works were not in dubai lynx?

  • amre husseini – AKA BITEME

    Dont have a q7…First off this is stock imagery which is fine but the least they could do is change the license plate to show local; second the fact that it’s been done before, third what kills me the most, is cars that are that old and torn apart still have front lights that arent broken…

  • ansaihi

    advertising is about exaggerating facts, and this is present here. but the copycat is unforgivable.

  • eh

    walla u right amre about the light this is really wasn’t in thoughts of FP7…

  • tricky

    call the agency XERO XP7

  • david

    Mr. Amre Husseini,

    Did u see all the three ads? Didn’t u notice that the bulbs are broken in two the creatives?

    Anyway, am sure u r a trainee who has just joined advertising. So I spare you!

    Learn art from this work my dear. All the best!

  • restless

    i like the thinking behind these ads, but the execution could’ve been better

  • david

    Mr. Tricky,

    Xerox is just a brand. The product is photocopier.

    U don’t even know this!!! That just shows ur ignorance.

    You Anti FP7 ******!

    I think u have tried for a job in FP7, and that they’ve thrown you out of the window.

  • Abu Ali

    David 7abibi calm down.
    Are you blind or what? can’t you see that FP7 ad is a copycat??!!
    This ad works with Qataris and Indians but not here ya ro7i.
    Next time and before writing any commit here…take deep breath and try to be objective.

  • shame

    FP7, shame on you guys

    David is this your work?
    Don’t you see the original work man?
    it’s being done dude,
    and i think you’re the one he just joined advertising and not Amre.

  • super

    they are very nice, concept and design……

  • amre husseini – AKA BITEME

    Dear Grand Master David:

    Relax…In two of the ads, the light is shining from front or rear lights of a car, in one of the executions yes you are right the stock image had the front lights removed.

    You are 100% right I am a trainee, I learn something new everyday, but I do beg to differ that there is truly nothing to be learnt from these pieces. At least take the time to pick cars that come from an era when the Sultanate had roads, or pick cars that at least carry Omani License plates.

    Finally, remember one thing, advertising is not about art, its about communication and messaging.

  • ziad hamdan

    very very nice copycat with better execution :( we should come up with a name for this new methodology, what do you think guys? shall we call it copycat with twist ?! shame on fp7 and all copycaters in this world

  • Kaz

    Mmmm…. let’s see…. Ogilvy Mexico’s is a shockingly similar concept…….mmm…. and it’s FP7……ahem ahem….. but that was for water resistant batteries? it’s gotta be different right?

    Wrong…. it’s basically the same concept, but done worse.

  • Booyakkasha

    You guys are absolute idiots, everyone is watching you now, and you go and post an ad that has already been done and wih
    photo-shop mistakes.

    Also its embarrassing eding your guet comments over the internet, here and on other sites. You stole a concept and then fK**ed it up.

    Most people wouuld have enough brains to just lay low for a while. Just look at someone who is doing that, and copy them.

  • Anti-Visual Pollution

    Lets say something useful & maybe someone would read it & learn… ” and all of us are in a learning process ends with death :)

    1. Define creativity Elements for an ad?
    2. How an ad should consider cultural issues in its’ communication?

    i put the 2nd Q because the visual communication in this ad in not culturally correct, it\s a foreign car in a foreign environment.

    I hope everyone writes something useful. some people well learn something & i don’t mean ” FP7 “.

  • b l o w


    Copycat & scam ads, in all shapes and forms, shall now be referred to as “FP7″.

  • Gibbo

    i think that Booyakkasha makes an interesting point.

    FP7, you’ve been nailed on your work. Whether rightly or wrongly in your eyes.

    Posting this kind of thing is killing your reputation in the region. It happens to all of us occassionly, even me on this site! (Ask Amre!) But this is getting ridicolous.

  • shame
  • Louai Alasfahani

    and it is being defended by the media!!!

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