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MBC Action, the new MBC channel for… guess what?

February 26th, 2007 mediaME Editor


Middle East Broadcasting Corp. (MBC), the region’s top free-to-air TV network, has launched yet another channel. Breaking with its ‘number-naming’ tradition, the channel is called MBC Action.

MBC Action will screen shows like Lost, Prison Break and any other series classified as an ‘action series’. And it will show action films like Blade 2 , Collateral Damage and DareDevils Live.

You get the idea.

Marketing-wise, it seems MBC is refining its targeting, to offer a channel with a dominantly male audience, as it seems to have succeeded with the gender specific strategy of MBC4, which is aimed at women.

There’s an Arabic press release about it on MBC’s website.

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Entry Filed under: Regional,TV & Film

  • Hamza

    im falasteeni and i live in England
    i watched all the lost season, they are amazing
    at the moment im watching season 6 on English TV
    Juliet dies, Locke dies, Claire is lost in the island but then Jin finds her. English TV is much better.
    im on season 6 episode 4, episode 5 is coming tomorrow i cant wait.
    watch lost season 6 trailer on youtube.

  • bashar r

    I want to know the name of the song with the commercial
    (imagine life without action)

  • omar

    plz can anyone give me the name of the song played in the king kong promo on mbc2 the house of movies??!?!?!?!!? plz i am desperate to find this song~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • kh

    me too omar i love the song in that commercial it’s so sad plz can anyone tell me the name of the song in mbc2 king kong commercial plllllzzzzz

  • Haneen

    the name of the song is: Rule The World by Take That

  • Hamza

    put flashforward on mbc action its amazing
    i watch it in the uk i think you guys should watch it aswell :D

  • firas chanoufi

    i’m a men who like mbc too much enough to say it’s a very famous channel.

  • http://jtd mee

    can you help me please ?
    What is the song on mbc4 it’s a commercial song for June movies 2010?

  • Alaa

    i love this channel sooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it amazine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i ammmmmm so waiting for the second season of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES am obessed with it and i love HERO, BRISON BREAK,RUNAWAY, PLZ MBCACTION bring the second seaon of those serious i cant stop thinking about them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alaa

    guyz does any of you know the commercial song for the vampire diaries in which they bring stefen near a founting!!!!!!!! a girl sings this song with the piano and it really slow and sad!!!plz let me know who sings that song

  • diane

    congratulations MBC! are you gonna b airing the second season of the vampire diaries anytime soon?

  • rasha

    please can you play panic room and the messengers as soon as possible

  • hannah

    i have this channel and its cool

  • mariam

    i want the vampire diaries sesson 2 soon 2 or just tell us when in the channel we are wetting

  • nada

    when you will put vampire diaries season 2 on mbc action ????

  • Rim

    can you please air panic room

  • the-gigas

    what is the song on MBC2 commercial for 0ctober movies please?

  • Ros

    You guys, I finally found the song for the NCIS commercial.
    It’s called “Across the Nation” by The Union Underground.
    Enjoy ;)

  • hoks

    say guys dose anyone knows the song in the fringe commercial song !?
    goes something like :
    i know your out there
    i know your out there
    i know your out there
    i know your out there
    i tried searching for it with no luck all i know is the singer is a lady

  • mohammed

    i need some the recent commercial for the movie “Aliens”, what is the song that they play in the commercial for that movie?

    If someone answers ill be extremely thankfull cause i have been looking for it forever..its kind of techno or hardcore style…

  • http://oumi oumaima chafouk

    can someone tell me plz when mbc action will present the vampire diaries season 3
    is it on 15 sepetembe like the others chanels ….
    :) plz i want an unser

  • http://ALGERAIN madjda


  • http://ALGERAIN madjda

    when you will put vampire diaries season 3 on mbc action ???

  • Faye Salvatore

    Madjda, I was going to ask the same thing ;D

  • Hearing Aids

    MBC Action will screen shows like Lost, Prison Break and any other
    series classified as an ‘action series’. And it will show action films
    like Blade 2……….

  • Hatem Safwat

    what is the song on MBC2 commercial for 0ctober movies please?

  • rörinspektion

    Looking forward to your next post.

  • vattenskada

    Interesting to see … thank you it’s well done :)

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