Get ready for ad insights with Socialbakers and Socialbrando

Socialbakers has some great news today that will make social media campaigns an easy task for marketers. We teamed up with the Socialbrando team to provide you with a better understanding of your audience through ad insights.

Socialbakers acquired the Croatian social media advertising company, Socialbrando today, incorporating both its platform and its team. Socialbrando is becoming fully integrated into the Socialbakers structure, making it Socialbakers’ 10th international office.

Following the investment round led by Index Ventures, Socialbrando has come on board with Socialbakers’ strategy and plans to expand its social media analytics platform. This expansion includes profile comparisons and industry benchmarking with a key advertising and performance measurement functionality that will help markets understand which target audience they’re reaching, how much it costs them and how effective their social media campaigns are.

Socialbakers’ CEO, Jan Rezab, says: “Measuring the true impact of social media advertising is still in early stages. Socialbakers, with its robust platform and its state of the art social media insights, will offer a unique product, which will not only measure the impact of social media ads, but also help find the right audience demographic. Marketers will, for example, be able to see which target audience is being reached by their competition.”

The Socialbrando team, including CEO Mario Francesevic and CTO Andrej Bobos, is joining the Socialbakers teams and will play a vital role in developing Socialbakers’ new Ad Insights and Ad Analyitcs products.

“With our new tool, brands will be able to get a much more detailed understanding of the audience they’re paying to reach, in terms of what they like and want. This means that the audience will interact with the brand on a greater scale and will be more likely to buy the product.” concludes CEO Jan Rezab.